What if your favorite music celebrity came to hang out in your living room, share intimate details of their lives and the stories that inspired their music, and then got up and performed your favorite song for you, live?

That’s Taratata: an unprecedented Music Talk Show format that redefines music on television.

Where other music shows have failed to engage viewers, Taratata will draw them in with a totally new, interactive talk show experience, immersing them in the culture of music that so defines their lives. And this is no small audience. From the investment banker who attends every single Dave Matthews concert, to the stay at home mom whose heart melts at the sight of Adam Levine, this is a mass audience hungry for a TV destination to consume content that represents such a large part of their lives.

This proven format, developed in France and adapted for premium cable, will deliver the appointment content this underserved audience craves. Taratata will draw them in with an exhilarating, 360° social platform featuring artists’ insights into the eclectic culture of music, amazing real live performances, and a sprinkle of celebrity gossip. Taratata is a show made of those intimate “Can you believe it?” moments that viewers will be sharing the day after, from the heartbreak stories behind the songs, to the social (or anti-social) opinions of the artists that fascinate them.

And the engagement won’t stop there. With 24/7, online, continuous cultural entertainment, Taratata will lead the next wave of media delivery platforms. Viewers will be constantly engaged with teasers, online contests, meet-the-artist opportunities, behind-the-scenes short-form videos and more. With a never-ending stream of attention-grabbing content, audiences will stay connected and involved with the brand throughout the week as interest builds, culminating in an hour-long Music Talk Show that they’ll talk about for days.